Suez Rebranding Project

Suez Contract Fairport to Re-brand Container Fleet

 Existing customer Suez (formerly Sita) contracted Fairport Containers for the re-brand of all Sita waste containers following the move to bring its UK waste subsidiary under the Suez global brand. This contract requires the re-branding of nearly 100,000 waste containers nationwide, approximately 12,000 of which require off-site refurbishment. The work is to be undertaken within a 9-month time frame whilst simultaneously carrying out day to day service work for Suez involving; logistical support, full access to and use of FCL nationwide storage facilities, bespoke container design solutions and full container refurbishment.

Such a complex project requires an advanced technical infrastructure that Fairport provides in the form of a custom built Mobile Application that synchronizes with customer data, producing comprehensive spreadsheets on the progression of work. For example, the Fairport Project Manager will oversee and asses all containers prior to re-branding and allocate a barcode which classifies container type and level of work required. A mobile crew is then dispatched to carry out the required work which they already have information on by scanning the aforementioned barcode on a mobile device. Alternatively, a driver is dispatched to collect containers that are in need off site refurbishment at one of FCL’s three nationwide depots. All on site crews include, qualified and experienced welders, painters and forklift operators. Upon completion of work or receipt of a container the barcode is scanned again and the customer can track the progress of work.


Prior to the recently awarded contract, Fairport Containers has held the maintenance contract with Suez/Sita since 2007. In the intervening period, FCL has run a comprehensive management program on all of Suez containers including:

  • Full refurbishment of all steel waste containers including wheelie bins, FEL’s, REL’s, skips, RORO’s and Compactors
  • Provide full Logistical support using our bespoke transport fleet of 12 articulated vehicles with fully mounted moffets
  • Storage facilities provided at FCL’s three refurbishment centers (Adlington, Aylesbury & Bridgwater)
  • Provided bespoke design solutions, to remodel containers and provide container solutions for otherwise scrap bins
  • Provide Sita with stock, second hand fully refurbished containers in order to replenish their stock levels