Aylesford Newsprint


We met Fairport Containers at the RWM 2014 exhibition where they provided details of the services they offer with a 'can do' approach which was refreshing to hear.

Meeting Fairport was well timed as we had been let down by a couple of contractors. Originally, we requested the removal of numerous FEL banks on behalf of a local authority, but this quickly developed further. Following a fire in one of our recycling banks, the water used to extinguish the fire left the bank too heavy to lift by normal means. Fairport arranged for the bank to be removed very quickly. Thanks to Fairport’s speedy response, we still received praise for our prompt action from the local authority.

Fairport has also refurbished numerous banks to an excellent standard. They have offered a superb level of service. We were also assured that the banks would be returned in secure and safe conditions which they were.

We can sum up working with Fairport in one word - 'Easy'! They know exactly what they are doing, so it doesn’t matter who you speak to, you get the same high quality service. Also, they are able to make decisions and arrangements with you whilst you are on the phone, making the whole process much more manageable.