It doesn’t matter how small or large your bin is, we have developed a fleet of specialist vehicles in order to accommodate all your logistic needs.

Our Fleet


Fairport Containers has an extensive transport fleet capable of collection and delivery of any type of waste container.

Due to the number of vehicles owned, Fairport has capacity and capability to offer full logistical support to all customers on a nationwide basis.

17 x mobile rebranding Citroën fully equipped panel vans.

These specially adapted vehicles provide Fairport with the ability to complete any minor maintenance work onsite for any client throughout the UK.

Mobile Refurbishment Vehicles with Trailer and Moffett with Mobile Workshop

Our specifically adapted vehicles and modular inflatable workshop provides Fairport with the ability to refurbish all types of container without customer assistance at a client site anywhere in the UK, thus minimising disruption to your day to day operations.

Hook-loader Wagon and Drag

We are the only refurbishment company in the industry to operate wagon and drag collection and delivery service meaning Fairport is self-sufficient and does not require depot assistance to load and unload roll on roll off containers thus minimising disruption to your day to day operations.

Double Decker Curtain Side with tail lift

For any bulk bin refurbishments, Fairport has several curtain sider vehicles available for transport; the single decker can carry up to 25 bins and the double decker up to 50. Both vehicles are self-sufficient for loading and unloading purposes, ensuring that no extra assistance is required.

The Transport Fleet


With Fairport Containers' steel waste container mobile repairs you can lower your management costs and allow our experienced team to do the hard work. If you need modifications across a number of your container stock, our mobile service will help you achieve a uniform finish with minimum outgoings.

Fairport also has 3 backup vehicles to allow for 6 weekly maintenance inspections, and a low loader recovery trailer.

Should a vehicle break down; a spare vehicle is taken to the breakdown and exchanged.  Fairport has its own HGV garage, which operates 6 days a week to minimise on all vehicle downtime.

Fairport Containers has recently added to its transport fleet to include the following:-

5 x 3.5 and 4 tonne LWB high roof mobile maintenance vans, 4 of these 3.5 and 4 tonne mobile maintenance vans are capable of towing a trailer and fully mounted forklift.

These vehicles are fully equipped with all tools and equipment to enable onsite repairs and maintenance to be undertaken.

For further information about our transport please speak to our Transport Manager, Matt on 01257 476 060.

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Dave Clarke

- Aylesbury Vale District Council

We do use Fairport for the collection and re-delivery of our trade wheelie bins for refurbishment. For me this service is cost effective as we do not always have the resource to deliver and collect ourselves.