Charity & Textile Banks

Helping Charities raise funds through collected clothing donations.

By using textile & recycling banks you can achieve a higher brand presence, increase item donations and help towards the reduction of textiles and other recyclables going to landfill.


If your banks are looking tired and weary, we can provide a full bank facelift. Refurbishments include shot blasting, painting and modifications to security or otherwise.


Our refurbishment process makes it easier for rebranding your banks and we currently provide this service for several existing charities.

Specialised Transport

Fairport's specialist flat bed trailers with a rear mounted Hiab, which has a reach of up to 12 metres, allows us access to most sites.

Fleet Management

Fairport have several Hiab wagons solely for the Charity and Recycling Bank Division, which allows us to give our customers full UK coverage and any urgent jobs can easily be accommodated at short notice.

Job and Route Management

Once the customer order is received, Fairport will manage the entire job. Organise collection of banks, assess, refurbish and plan and delivery back to site.


Fairport utilises an internal reporting system where each bank is allocated and labelled with an ID number; any refurbishment or modification work is recorded against this number, along with before and after photos.


The charity and recycle industry has seen an increase in donation theft and vandalism of banks. This problem has proved difficult to overcome and as such Fairport can install a number of anti-theft security features;


High roll security chutes: This stops individuals from pulling donations back through the chute.

Recess locks: These types of locks, including combination and bolt are more difficult to remove as they are not exposed.

Recommended – High quality 4 & 5-digit combination locks: With over 10,000 combinations, there are no keys to lose and can re-coded if necessary.

Supply of Banks

Fairport are able to provide you with both new and second hand banks in a variety of styles and sizes Including;

  • Textile
  • Books/Media
  • Paper/Card/plastic/Glass/cans
  • Wee banks

If you are looking for a bargain, second hand banks can save you at least a third on the price of buying new. These banks are fully refurbished and finished in your colours. Vinyls can be supplied at a cost, but will be applied for free.

Any bank you purchase belong in entirely to you and as such, you will receive 100% of the funds generated from a donation bank.

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Nicholas Wilks

- Scope

I have been very pleased with their breadth of service from advice, design, and construction, application of specialist vinyl’s and wrappings through to delivery to site.