Fairport Containers (FCL) has worked with IG Cohen for two years since Fairport Containers expanded its business to include refurbishing textile banks. During this period, Fairport Containers has provided a variety of services including logistics, design and modification of banks.

FCL facilitate IG Cohen with two large storage yards; one for old stock to be refurbished as and when required and one for finished stock awaiting despatch.


Enhancements to IG Cohen

  1. Resolving potential health and safety issues
  2. Lead times reduced by virtue of holding refurbished stock
  3. Improved corporate image by ongoing refurbishment of existing container stock
  4. Cost savings against the purchase of new containers

Transport and Logistics

  1. Continuous and comprehensive communication with IG Cohen to arrange deliveries and appointments
  2. The ability to load and unload without assistance by using our own specialised forklifts/hook lift vehicles

Relationship management

  1. Weekly activity reports
  2. Detailed stock reports
  3. Rapid response times to special requests
  4. No cost storage facilities at FCL premises