Fairport and Biffa's Working Partnership

Biffa have utilised Fairport's services since their inception, which is over a quarter of a century now. Fairport have provided us with the refurbishment of all sizes of waste containers, onsite repairs, transport, modifications of our exciting containers and we also buy pre-owned containers.

The working partnership between Biffa and Fairport was set up by my predecessor and I have never had any reason to change anything, so long may it continue.

The quality of Fairport refurbishment are very good indeed! Fairport work to the Biffa specification.

Their response time is very good. Biffa can be quite demanding at times for roll outs/direct deliveries etc and I can't think of a time we have failed.

When doing the quantities of bins we do there will always be a small issues somewhere but they are few and far between. Very rarely is an issue caused by Fairport but the response is always immediate.

We require a constant turnaround from Fairport and so the communication has always been fine. I am very happy with the overall service.