David Clarke - Transport & Waste Transfer Station Manager

Bin Refurbishment Program

We currently use Fairport Containers for our Trade Bin Refurbishment, Bulk Container Refurbishment and purchase of bulk containers.

The council have been using Fairport for many years, but I have had the pleasure with working with Fairport for the last five years.

Our relationship is historical as Fairport was on our approved contractor list when I started with AVDC. However I have seen Fairport at exhibitions, on social media and the Aston Clinton depot is local to me so there is an element of common knowledge also.

I am always surprised at the quality of work particularly with the refurbishments. Some bins prior to the refurb do not look like they could be bought back to life. However, Fairport always seem to manage it and exceed my expectations. The response time is either on the same day but if not definitely within two days.

I can’t recall any major issues but just recently there was a missed collection of the refurb bins from our site. I contacted Fairport and was informed that there was a vehicle breakdown and a shortage of available vehicles. This was not a major issue and it was rectified within a few days.

We do use Fairport for the collection and re-delivery of our trade wheelie bins for refurbishment. For me this service is cost effective as we do not always have the resource to deliver and collect ourselves. Having the refurbs carried out off site for me is the main benefit, as it takes away all risks associated with this work if it was to be carried out on site.

There is always someone available on the other end of the phone or email for us to place the order for collection of damaged bins, we are always contacted back to be advised of collection date and are always advised of the date that they are being redelivered. I would therefore say that the communication levels are very good.

The overall service that Fairport provide to us is of high standard, cost effective and for me it is great to be able to use and support a local company.