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We met Fairport Containers at the RWM 2014 exhibition where Lisa provided details of the services they offer with a 'can do' approach which was refreshing to hear.

Meeting Fairport was well timed as we had been let down by a couple of contractors. Originally, we requested the removal of numerous FEL banks on behalf of a local authority, but this quickly developed further. Following a fire in one of our recycling banks, the water used to extinguish the fire left the bank too heavy to lift by normal means. Fairport arranged for the bank to be removed very quickly. Thanks to Fairport’s speedy response, we still received praise for our prompt action from the local authority.

Fairport has also refurbished numerous banks to an excellent standard. Again, Lisa offered a superb level of service. She also assured us that the banks would be returned in secure and safe conditions which they were.

We can sum up working with Lisa in one word - 'Easy'! She knows exactly what her team is doing, so it doesn’t matter who you speak to, you get the same high quality service. Also, they are able to make decisions and arrangements with you whilst you are on the phone, making the whole process much more manageable.

We can’t put a price on the pressure local authorities can put you under to react immediately and Fairport’s ability to respond to a changing situation efficiently has a value all on its own.

Matt Feekings

Recycling Area Manager (South East)

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd

I&G Cohen placed orders with Lisa when she worked for a former employer and we always found her extremely efficient and she understood our exact requirements. It was an easy decision to move our business to Fairport Containers.

We use Fairport to move our existing containers and refurbish those that require it. Lisa has also helped to modify an existing container to become a far superior design. In time, this redesigned container will be rolled out to upgrade all similar banks to a similar specification. This will be far more cost effective than purchasing new purpose built containers.

Working with Fairport is very easy - they listen to our requirements so carefully. Many companies offer similar services, but we expect a high standard of customer service and Lisa always goes that extra mile to make sure that we receive the service we expect, often suggesting alternative action that ultimately saves our company money. 

David Johnson

Business Development Manager

I&G Cohen (rag merchants)

Sense has been using Fairport Containers Ltd for the supply and delivery of its charity clothing donation banks for the last six months with Lisa Mullally as its account manager. Having experienced mediocre service from several other suppliers in the past and looking to change manufacturers I was happy that Lisa approached me on behalf of Fairport and explained who and what they can provide and I made the decision to change supplier to them.

Since then I have been very pleased with their breadth of service from advice, design, and construction, application of specialist vinyl’s and wrappings through to delivery to site. Lisa on behalf of Fairport has always gone the extra mile to provide exactly what I need, when I need it and to estimate price. I would definitely recommend Fairport and Lisa Mullally to anyone who requires any form of secure storage containers. 

Nicholas Wilks

National Donated Stock Manager

Sense (deaf blind charity)

We have used Fairport Containers to refurbish containers that are rusty, damaged by fire, have broken locks, have become unsafe and many more reasons and we are always pleased with the finished standard of the container when it is returned to us.

We have also been impressed with the level of detail, for example the addition of yellow paint to highlight the parts of the container which need regular maintenance checks.

Steve Baron

Sales and Logistics Manager

Blakeley's Waste Management Ltd

Ever since we began using Fairport Containers to refurbish our waste containers  we have been very impressed with the standard of finish and attention to detail in all their work.

We use Fairport Containers to refurbish our container stock, which has become damaged or worn out, on an ongoing basis and have recently appointed them to be our official partner to provide all our national heavy metal container refurbishment needs.

We have developed an excellent working relationship with the company and can rely on them to understand our requirements and provide consistently high quality and cost-effective solutions which suit the needs of our business.

Mike Weaver

Senior Purchasing Officer


We have conducted business with Fairport Containers Ltd since 1995.  During this time they have provided an excellent service in modification and refurbishment of our container stock and in addition have provided sales of new container stock.

The modifications and refurbishment work is and has always been carried out to a very high standard and any deadlines or delivery times have always been achieved.

We have previously purchased bespoke container stock in 1998 and these are now some 14 years old.  Despite the arduous business of scrap metal, the containers we purchased from Fairport Containers Ltd have far out-lasted those purchased from other suppliers.

In conclusion we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Fairport Containers Ltd.

Tim Calderbank


Tim Calderbank Metal Recycling

We've chosen Fairport Containers to supply our reconditioned skips for many years.  Even though our demand isn't great and our spend only modest, we still feel valued as a customer and enjoy the prompt and reliable service we receive. 

The team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance too, helping to make sure that whatever equipment we buy will meet our needs and the needs of our clients.

Lee Petts

Managing Director

Remsol Ltd