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Exclusive new waste container lids

Fairport Containers is proud to be Impact Plastics' UK & Ireland sole distributor for their new range of waste container lids

Manufactured in the USA, the innovative new lids have a range of benefits over those previously available to the UK market, including:

  • An average lifespan which is five times longer than any other lid on the market
  • More cost effective than previous lids
  • Additional hinges for added strength
  • Increased flexibility to minimise damage
  • A range of designs, colours and sizes available

After extensive research and trials we are pleased to be able to offer the lids for sale in the UK & Ireland. All lids contain a UV inhibitor which prevents the sun drying out the polymers in the plastic, which subsequently makes the lid brittle and prone to cracking, which has been a common problem in recent years. They have also been tested to endure extreme weather conditions in Antarctica.

The lids come in various innovative designs, for example the Storm Lid which has a small internal hatch for easy access and is designed in such a way that it prevents rain leaking into the container.

Our lids can be purchased individually, or installed while your containers are being refurbished or upgraded.  

Contact us today for more information on 01257 476076, email or view our FEL lids for sale.