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Our Remodelling Process Explained

Below shows out process for remodelling containers.  Click one of the steps to find out more.

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We will visit your site and give you a fixed quote dependent on the condition of your containers. Fixed price contracts are negotiated dependant on the annual expected volume. Generally, the cost of refurbishment is less than half the cost of a new container, including pick-up and delivery. 

Collection dates are given and kept. Fairport Containers' experienced drivers will load up without assistance using our own trailer-mounted fork lift trucks.

Fairport Containers has on-site shot blasting vaults, which contain and collect all the debris. The reusable shot is separated and all waste is disposed of according to current legislation.

A range of hydraulic jacking equipment and straightening tools are used to re-shape bent panels and components. Heat is used where necessary to ensure the integrity of the steel is maintained.

Areas and components with severe damage or corrosion are removed with oxyacetylene cutters.

New components are available from stock and panels are plasma cut from steel to match or exceed the original specification. Any modifications, improvements or change of use can be incorporated in to the re-build.

Fairport Containers will advise if any modifications are required to upgrade containers to the latest Health and Safety legislation or guidelines.

Qualified (CODED) welders complete the fabrication to the highest standards. All original welding is checked and reinforced if required. Excess weld spatter and sharp edges are ground off for a quality finish.

To verify our high standards, every container is quality approved by the production manager at each stage of the process and before leaving the workshop.

Containers are finished at our in-house paint shop, which complies fully with the latest health and safety and emission legislation.


Decals are applied to your exact specifications, even down to the depot-specific contact details.

When and where you need them, the finished containers can be delivered using the trailer mounted fork lift trucks. This means you don't need a fork lift truck and driver on standby, saving you additional expense.

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